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Welcome to Casa Garcia Alvarado which has been opened to visitors seeking exclusive luxury travel in Peru by its owners, to host private lunches and dinners and organize gala functions, as well as for local events.


At the beginning of the twentieth century, Lima’s upper class began to move their homes away from downtown Lima to Miraflores which was one of the first residential districts to be established at that time. The architecture of these homes was typical of resort homes of that period. They were made of “quincha” (adobe), decorated with wood on the façade, and contained large courtyards inside.


On Avenida Larco in front of Miraflores Central Park, located a few metres from the Municipality, is the old but impressive house of the Castro Iglesias-Thorndike family which was constructed in 1912 by the Architect Rozzaga.


The Castro Iglesias family goes way back to Peru's Colonial period, when its forerunners earned the titles, Count of Lurigancho and Marques of Otero, for services rendered to the Spanish Crown. Mrs. Thorndike was the daughter of a very distinguished Chilean lady and an American engineer who came to Peru with Henry Meiggs to construct railway bridges in the heights of the Andean mountains.


The house was remodelled in 1932 by Architect Engineer Luis Santisteban Benavides which gave it its present look. It was fashioned after Lima's Presidential Palace which was also restored at the same time, and is similar to the Club Nacional, which was built then as well. The house has a large inside garden surrounded by a Spanish-style corridor and is decorated with tiles brought from Seville, Spain. This magnificent house was the residence of the Castro Iglesias and their daughters Virginia and Rosa. It also saw the birth of the García Alvarado, children of Javier García Castro and Rosa Alvarado de García Castro.


Ana Maria and Josefina García Alvarado, its present owners, opened up this precious house to visitors seeking exclusive luxury travel in Peru and for private local events, upon the death of their aunt, Virginia Alvarado Castro.

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